Our Services
Instrumentation Design
AlasKit has extensive experience designing radio frequency instrumentation "From DC to Daylight."  

The unique eXOgon antenna will soon be available in kit form for radio experimenters and government users. It is the only commercially available circularly polarized H.F. antenna designed to pick up divergent X & O signals in the atmosphere. This enables much more efficient direction finding and general functioning at underused high frequencies, and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Other products we build include Resonant CW Speakers, Lock-in Amplifiers, 630m-2200m Transmitters & Receivers, Low Frequency Frame Loop Antennas, RF coil stock, custom inductors, and custom audio.

We are now experimenting with medical and biofeedback (EEG, HRV, HEG) applications, as well as brainstorming other kit ideas.
Electronics and Scientific Education
AlasKit works closely with the UAF Community and Technical College (CTC) in the electronics, industrial processing, and aero science fields.

We offer Amateur and Commercial FCC licensing.

We also offer high school and college apprenticeships. This comes with a full course in electronics and the opportunity for multiple certifications.